• Cleansed body, healthy body

    We are collecting external agents inside our organism throughout the day, such as toxins through ingestion, environmental pollution or stress. All them are negative factors for our organism and they can result as diseases or pathologies.

    A healthy balanced diet and daily sport can remove these substances.

    There are also many detox products that help us cleanse and remove all toxines inside our body. Dieteticos Intersa has an extense range of products, all them naturals, fulfilling these functions in a satisfactory, natural way.

  • Body detox

    Our organism needs to be renewed and cleansed on the inside several times a year. If this is not done, we may take the risk of getting diseases as a cause of excessive toxins mass inside it.

    By the elaboration of these natural remedies and the study of various natural plants properties, we can find out how to detoxify liver, kidney and intestines, so they can carry out correctly their detox function. We need to detoxify our body, eliminate liquids and renew intestinal flora in order to reach the perfect balance in our depurative system and improve our health in a natural way.

    Skin and lungs cleanse is also necessary to eliminate toxic substances from dermis. A good diet and physiotherapy can help us to obtain this body cleanse.

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