• How do you get poisoned by heavy metals?

    Heavy metals are a big threat to our organism and we can detect them in foods, cosmetics and, although sadly, continuously more in the environment. Their origin may come from states of irritation, and they also may be the prompts of depressive disorders and cardiovascular problems.

    A high level of heavy metals in the blood can lead to diseases or pathologies which could have been avoided.

    Dieteticos Intersa offers you a big range of natural remedies and formulas in order to eliminate them from your organism.


    We must eliminate heavy metals collected inside our organism. This is why in Dieteticos Intersa we are trying to find the perfect synergy with ingredients that have probiotic effect in order to detox your organism, regenerate the intestinal flora and keep the skin and mucous in their normal conditions.

    By following a detox diet, taking pills which have detox effect and removing foods including heavy metals, you can reach to cleanse your intestine and alleviate the hazarded intestinal flora.

    Natural medicines can help you equilibrate your intestinal flora and cleanse your whole body both inside and outside.

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