Succumb everyday to Morpheus arms, son of the God of sleep, if possible at the same hour and without a care in the world – this is much more beneficial for your health than any other treatment.

    In order to make those eight hours of rest pleasant, prepare a warm environment: silent, ventilated and with an proper temperature room; use comfortable clothes and make sure your bed and blankets are in good condition.

    Unfortunately, most of people does not comply with the recommended daily sleep times, which must be between 7 and 8 hours, although it depends on age. A good and natural solution would be to appeal on natural remedies or treatments.


    Rest is necessary for a proper body functioning. Although that, lot of people meet difficulties when it comes to sleep, which is also called insomnia. Anxiety may be one of the main causes of these sleep disturbances.

    That is when we ask ourselves how can we normally sleep, what to take for that and how to fall asleep.

    Dieteticos Intersa offers you natural remedies in order to relax and reach an adequated quality of sleep.

    By using natural treatments for sleeping, we cause a relaxing effect in our nervous system which give us a good rest during the hours that our body needs to rest, be calmer, improving concentration and daily well-being.

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