With the spring arrival, our immune system must face up several difficulties, so our main purpose is to strenghten our natural defenses in order to combat spring allergies.

    Our natural remedies production, including vitamin C, vitamin B6, liquidpure and liquid honey, helichrysum, mullein, fumitory, acerola, rosemary oil and an infinity of natural plants extracts and oils, provide our syrups and capsules ideal properties which contribute to strengthen the immune system in order to prevent allergies, colds and other typical spring seasonal affective disorders. 

  • Spring is in the air

    There are many seasonal changes – both environmental and personal – which require a good body adaptation.

    On the other hand, our biorhythm and lifestyle change aswell: daylight hours are longer, which implies more hours outside and some changes in meal times.

    During this adaptation process, may appear a disorder called spring asthenia: a feeling of weakness and fatigue due to the already mentioned changes. In order to avoid it, we should keep an ordenated lifestyle rhythm, respect sleep hours, practice moderated sport and follow a healthy diet.

    A healthy alimentation is a necessary condition so the organism can reach the nutrients it needs in order to stimulate the immune system and fight the symptoms. A good diet adaptation provides the necessary nutrients to our organism: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, salts, minerals, vitamins and water. Food supplements can also be useful.

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