• Prevention and high-quality life are the best defense

    Immune system fulfils the important function of protecting the organism against diseases caused by external factor. Due to that reason, having a strong immune system guarantees us a healthy status in order to face up activities with normality and have a good quality of life.

    Natural remedies can help us to increase defenses, but first we must comply with some general recomendations, which are essential for getting a strong immune system.

    Daily exercise and a healthy, balanced diet:

    Fruits and lean proteins ingestion, exercise of at least 30 minutes and stress avoidance.


  • Strengthen defenses by using natural treatments

    The nature has well-kept secrets to treat respiratory, digestive diseases… you must simply know how to find the ideal formula to design the perfect natural remedy.

    In Dietéticos Intersa we cultivate ourselves from nature, which provides us medicinal plants so we can elaborate our syrups and products in order to help you strengthen immune system. Through the synergy of vitamins and natural plants with anti-flu properties we ensure offering you the perfect natural treatment on seasons your body needs help.

    Furthermore, the power of plants and their organic production also contributes on combating afflictions like headaches, helps eliminate stress and balances the mind.

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